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    Imagine you had a friend or a family member who lives on a sailboat in the Caribbean and he/she would tell you:”Whenever you have a chance, vacation time or the desire to come for a visit, feel free to do so! All you have to do is book your flight. Your stay on the catamaran is entirely free.” What would you say to such an offer? If that were me, I wouldn’t think twice and hop on that plane to the tropics for my next vacation... Only, I am already here.

     Mark giving 7-year old Jake advice on how to steer the catamaran

    Surprisingly enough, not all that many people take us up on this magnificent offer. Everybody is the first to exclaim “what a wonderful and idyllic” life we have, how fortunate, lucky or “blessed” we are and “oh, I wish I could be there, do that” and so on, but when push comes to shove there are many excuses to resist the temptation of a visit to the Caribbean, sailing the turquoise waters on a catamaran, with snorkel trips and shore visits on the side. Why? Well, I think most of you can answer that for yourselves: there are the kids, the house, the pets, the family, the lack of vacation time, other commitments, the expense of the plane tickets and –of course- the job and other chores that will get postponed.

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    I have a good friend in Belgium, whom I see once a year while visiting “home”. He and his girlfriend love to travel, they don’t have children and they are both teachers, meaning plenty of vacation time. All these factors make them very plausible candidates for an Irie visit in the Caribbean.  Only, in four years time, it hasn’t happened yet, even though I suggest the idea yearly. So, last fall, I personally asked him this: “Imagine you have a good friend who basically lives in the Caribbean on a catamaran, where you could stay for free and have a wonderful vacation in a pleasant climate and a great environment. What would you do?” His answer: “I would come visit.” Duh!


     Northeastern Antigua                                                                                                  © Liesbet Collaert

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