Agadir Bay / Coast Atlantic / Morocco

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General Information

Level:0-10 Season:April 1 — October 1

Lying in a crescent shaped bay on the south west coast of Morocco is the village of Agadir. It lies at the end of the Souss Valley, flanked by the Atlas mountain range, and as well as being one of Morocco's prime fishing ports, it also an impressive seaside resort. The sunny mediterranean climate makes it popular with tourists and it is also a good spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing at all levels. The season runs mainly from April to October but off season is possible here.


Sand Gradual descent

Agadir boasts 9 kms of wide sandy beaches with plenty of space for launching. Kite surfing is not recommended during the months of July and August as the beach is way too busy with holidaymakers.


Flat water spot Regular wind

The winds are a mixture of thermals and trade winds and blow predominantly from the north west which is also the best direction for surfing here. It starts to blow around 10.00 am and is 3-5 B.ft, and fairly gusty, bulding up gradually until it peaks in the afternoon. Further south along the bay, west winds become onshore. The trend seems to be for the winds to blow up to 5 days and then to stop for a couple of days, before repeating the cycle over again. The water is clean and mainly flat. There are security boats in the water and no designated areas. Swimmers and jet skis can be a problem here.


Parking WC Shower

There is a surf school here as well as a fully manned rescue boat. The beach has toilet and shower facilities and there are several places where you can buy food and drink. Accommodation is also plentiful here. In addition there is plenty of parking with just a short walk to the beach. The nightlife is good in Agadir too.


Rescue boat

This is a pretty safe spot but watch out for swimmer and jet skis in the water particularly in the summer months.