Burger Binnensee / Fehmarn / Germany

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General Information

Level:0-10 Season:April 1 — November 1

Burger Binnensee is a lagoon located in the south of Fehmarn and is very popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers of all abilities. It is also widely used for sailing. Fehmarn is well known for its good climate and great wind conditions for water sports. The surfing season runs from April to November although off season is possible if you are fully booted and suited.


Burger Binnensee is surround by a grassy area which is large enough for rigging. The area gets very popular during the summer and due to its shallow water is very popular with beginners. You can get here by driving through the center of Burg and then following the signs for “Burgtiefe”. Once you see the lake drive around it until you see the surf school and park there. There is plenty of parking but it can be restricted.


Flat water spot

As with all of the island, the winds are mainly frontal westerlies with depessions. The winds are also quite gusty. The best winds are to be had from spring to fall, with summer winds being the lightest. You can occasionally get some nice north east and east winds in the summer. Due to the shallow area, the winds tend to work from any direction, although north west is definitely the best. The water is clean, very flat and shallow everywhere, making it ideal for beginners. The water temperature is around 15 degrees during spring and fall, rising to about 22 degrees in the summer and the air temperature is around 18 degrees during fall and spring, rising as high as 30 degrees in the summer. Winters are extremely cold here.


There is a rescue service operating. There are also toilet facilities, parking and places to get food. For more amenities you need to head into nearby Burg where you will also find some night life during the summer months.


The area is full of beginners so have patience with them.