Cannon Beach / Oregon / United States

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Level:6-8 Season:March 1 — October 31

Believe it or not, Cannon Beach was named after a lone cannon that was found nestled in the sand back in 1846. Cannon Beach has a very relaxed atmosphere, as people lazily walk along the shore while gaping at the 235 foot high Haystack Rock – the third largest coastal monolith in the world. Or they’re looking at the catamaran sailors, kite surfers and wind surfers taking advantage of the shallow water and good winds.


Cannon Beach varies depending how far away you are from the shoreline. The very long beach first starts out with hard packed sand in shallow water and then changes into soft sand and deeper water. .


Flat water spot

When the crowds are high, wind and kite surfers are discouraged from launching; but that’s okay, because the crowds dissipate when perfect 15 knot winds start blowing in. The water is cold here all year round, so wear a wetsuit in the ideal spring, summer and fall months (March to October) and then switch to a thick wetsuit for the winter.


You can easily get to Cannon Beach from Portland. This quaint town has a wide array of cheap hotel accommodations and restaurants to choose from. Wind surfing and kite surfing are popular all throughout the coast of Oregon, so you can find different shops that can help you with your gear needs. Cannon Beach is not too far from Hood River, which has a renowned kite surfing school. When not on the water, observe Cannon Beach’s other side: Haystack Rock is a bird sanctuary that is big enough for 2000 seabirds to nest there annually.


There have been reports of sharks in the area.