Torre De La Pena / Cadiz / Spain

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General Information

Level:5-10 Season:January 1 — December 31

Situated just 7 minutes by car North of Tarifa lies the beach at Torre De La Pena. It is a popular spot for wind surfers and kite surfers of intermediate and expert abilities. It is not advisable for beginners to practice here because there are some large rock hazards in the water that you will need to keep clear of. For beginners, head just up the beach at Tanganar it is much safer. The best times to surf here are between April and May, when you can pick up some really nice thermals.


Sand Gradual descent

The beach here is small to medium depending upon the tide. It is mainly made up of soft white sand but does have some large rocks along the shoreline. To get here you will need to drive northbound out of Tarifa on the N340 heading towards Cadiz. Get off the motorway at Torre De La Pena camping. Here you can park.


Flat water spot Regular wind

The main wind directions are easterly and westerly. The westerly winds are mainly Poniente and these are perfect for surfing with gusts of around 8-20 knots. The water quality is crystal clear and conditions are flat to choppy most of the time with some small waves appearing when the wind is right. The water temperature remains somewhere between 18-26 degrees depending on the time of the year.


Parking WC Shower Camping

The infrastructure here is fairly good. There is a campsite close by which offers, accommodation, eating places and there is even an on site shop. For all your other needs and some excellent nightlife then take the short drive back into Tarifa.


Underwater obstacles

Be aware of the large rocks in and around the shoreline, also watch out for other surfers and swimmers during the busy summer season.